Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming Soon!

Hello strangers!  It's been a while since the 'ole blog got an update.  Sorry for the absence, but we have been BUSSSSSSSY these last few weeks!  I promise I'll be back with some more posts VERY soon, once I dig myself out from underneath the holiday heap that's piled on top of me!!  
Here's a little spoiler of what you can expect to see on Thirteen Acres in the upcoming weeks ahead, once I get pictures edited and uploaded. 

Here's a List of Upcoming Blog Posts:  

Beckett Chatter 
Lots more from the mouth of my child!  I can't keep up with his one liners these days.

Decorating Downstairs! 
I posted our Christmas decor in our den, but I'll give you glimpse of how we adorn the bonus room. 
(Much to my dismay, I was hoping to get this post published DURING the holiday season, not after....)

Naughty or Nice 
Beckett got to sit on Santa's lap twice again this year!  Also pictures from his daycare Christmas breakfast. 

Making the Rounds 
Spending time with family during the holiday season. 

Santa Came!! 
Bright smiles on Christmas morning after we discovered Santa had paid us a visit! 

Beautiful Bride 
I recently shot my first bridal photo shoot.  I can't wait to share some of my favorite shots of the gorgeous Kristen! 

New Calligraphy Service 
I've been addressing envelopes for years for brides-to-be; stay tuned for the post on the new service I'll be providing in addition to my addressing service! 

Ringing in the New Year 
How we said goodbye to 2012! 

Hits and Misses 
More product reviews from yours truly 

These are a Few of My Favorite Things
Items I received for Christmas I just can't get enough of!!  

Posh Addict 
I've recently seen a few friends join the shopping community (Poshmark) that I've been addicted to the last month.  After some research and earning over $450 in extra moolah, I'll break down the app and the best ways to get your stuff SOLD! 

Curl It Up! 
How I get curls and waves (a picture tutorial). 

WHEW---a little bit of everything!!  See you all VERY soon!  

Happy Weekend! 

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