Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Naughty or Nice?

Last year Beckett got to sit on Santa's lap twice!  This year, we were lucky enough to get to meet St. Nick two times....AGAIN!!

The lady that keeps my child is truly heaven sent!  She does more than I can ever believe for these children and we all adore her!  Every year, she has an annual Christmas party.  Everyone brings food, the kids get to do some Christmas crafts and they wrap up the party with a visit from Santa!  The kids really enjoy themselves and it's always a great time.  This year, she changed it up a bit and had breakfast with Santa.  Everyone brought a breakfast food!  I could kick myself for not getting a picture of the spread of food that was laid out.  The selection rivaled the menu at Waffle House and IHOP!!  My stomach is growling right now just thinking about it!

Some of Beckett's daycare buddies.
If you're wondering where he might be, just look behind the swing.
I think he was trying to swing everyone. 
Love that he's got his legs crossed in this picture.  
I just loved this picture of Beckett's buddy Maggie.
So precious! 

Beckett and Georgia Nell.
They look like they are deep in conversation. 
Already sweet talking the girls....
"Santa, I want a Backhoe!"
No tears on Santa's lap this year!!  So proud of my big boy! 
The next day, we went to Fort Motte for a Christmas get-together that our friends' have every year.
You can see pics from last year HERE and HERE
Yet again, he requested a backhoe!
Happy Wednesday! 

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