Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Santa Came!!

Santa brought lots of toys with LOTS of smaller pieces this year!!  I'm told the older they get, the smaller the pieces become.  We don't own a puzzle that's intact.  Gotta work on that!  

Beckett asked for a backhoe about 25 times.  He really wanted a ride-on backhoe, but some friends of ours were ready to give theirs away, so I informed Santa to take that off the list.  Instead, he brought him a toy backhoe.

He loves his grill!!!  I'm so glad he got a grill since he had been cooking up a
storm for Gigi earlier in the week before Christmas.  
Tailgate food I guess....
He also got a wheelbarrow!!
My mom has a very small one at her house that is entirely too small for him, but he loves
pushing it around.  Now he can help his daddy in the yard!!

Happy Wednesday!

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