Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arrrrrgh, Mateys! Happy Halloween

Check out our little pirate!  We had a blast again this year at his daycare Halloween party even though he had fought the stomach bug the same week.

Halloween Quote of the day: 
Chad: "Beckett, say 'Shiver me timbers'"
Chad:  "Shiver me timbers, shiver me timbers, shiver me timbers, shiver me timbers...."
Me:  "Chad, could you please stop saying "shiver me timbers? It's getting on my nerves when you say it repeatedly."
(5 minutes later.....)
Chad:  "Beckett, you're all dressed up like a pirate, now say "Shiverrrrr me timberrrrs!"
Beckett:  "No daddy, I not say "shiver me makes mommy sad!"
(sweet boy looking out for his mommy ;)

Tried to get a pic with mommy....
Again, doesn't want his picture taken.  Stubborn little pirate! 
Cutest little pirate I've EVER seen!!!

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