Monday, November 26, 2012

Kickoff to the Christmas Season

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  Whew!  We were buuuuuuusy.  Sick kid, sick daddy, sick mommy, traveling to Manning and back, 2 year old well visit, put up the monstrosity of a Christmas tree, did a tiny bit of shopping, cleaning, a photo shoot, photo editing, and watching USC beat Clemson....AGAIN! GOOOOOO COCKS!!!!!!
I'm beat and December hasn't even arrived yet.  Every weekend there's something plannned, so bear with me.  I'm trying to wrap up the rest of the Christmas decor so I can do a post soon!  

We have a new visitor at our house this year. Beckett has yet to come up with a name for him. 
He keeps wanting to call him "Dino Dan" but I told him that's just weird.....we're still thinking on it though.

Back to the old grind today! 
Happy Monday. 

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