Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October Beach Trip

One weekend last month, we took a Friday off of work and headed to Garden City for a long weekend with friends.  By Saturday night we had a house full 'o youngins!  7 kids!  Thank goodness this was a large house with plenty of space for them to run, play and have fun! 

We arrived on Thursday night, got the kids to bed and enjoyed a night on the porch catching up.
The weather was unbelievable.
October in South Carolina is anyone's guess.
You're either bundled up and freezing or it feels like a nice late spring day.
This year was the latter.  Be-YOO-tiful!
Here's a panoramic shot (thanks iphone update) of the view from the porch. 
Let's get a group shot! 
4 kids plus the words "group shot?"
Nah, forget it!
These were actually the best two of about 45 that I took. 
Chad dug a big tunnel on the beach on Saturday for the kids to crawl through. 

October.....on the beach!
Fabulous weather and a great way to bid the beach a fond farewell for the 2012 year. 

Such great times with great friends! 
Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. My goodness I could EAT HIS FACE UP!! I love those group shots and the way he has his little hands on his lap. mwah!