Friday, November 16, 2012

Beckett's Birthday Weekend

Good gracious!  Has it already been a year since Beckett's big first birthday bash?  This year was a tad stressful when it came to October/November festivities.  Beckett caught a stomach bug the weekend before his birthday and kept it for 5 days, so a small wrench was thrown in my party planning.  This year we kept it smaller.  Just a little bit of 'boy decor' here and there, a few close friends and family and of course lots of cake and ice cream.  
Also, in advance, thank you to my sister in law for bringing her camera and letting me load her pictures so that I had more! I'm not very good with making sure I get all the pictures that I want these days!   
I love a mantle banner.  If you go through my archives, I seem to have a mantle banner for every occasion.
This is what you call LAST minute decorating.
Beckett loves any type of vehicle so I threw this together.  
67 cent wooden cutouts from Hobby Lobby.
I looped a small ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the cars (and trucks)
to make a small hanger, then strung them on a larger grosgrain ribbon.
I may do a small Christmas tree this year for him so these will
play double duty as ornaments once I add a small hook.
Ice cream cone zone.
My aunt (the cake genius) fell and suffered major damage to her achillies tendon
on Friday afternoon before the party.
As you can see, she STILL came through though! 
Beckett had his own cake mini cake too.
He loves trucks and tractors, so the dump trucks served as a serving station
Chocolate 'rocks' 
The cake table centerpiece
Underneath the Easter grass I had decorative river rocks holding the balloons in place.
But I was worried that kids (or even adults) would mistake the river
rocks as chocolate like the ones I had in the truck above, 

so I raided my Easter stash for some grass to cover up the rocks. 
Aunt Amy and Uncle Pat came on Friday night to stay for the weekend.
Beckett got to open up his gift from them early Saturday morning. 

"Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" is definitely a new favorite book.
He's already memorized the first two pages and reads it to us! 

He made Uncle Pat read it too.
Uncle Beau came a bit early to give him his present.
The tricycle turns from a "rocking bike" to a push bike and,
eventually, the back piece comes off so he can peddle on his own.
He LOVED it! 

Weston wanted to try it out too.
Hope these two will be friends in the future like their mamas!
Playing cornhole with Doc

He had to show off his skills on his pedal-less bike for everyone too. 

Cutie Weston
Me and Amanda
Old friends are the best kind.
The cake is here!!

Waiting patiently on cake. 

Forget the fork!
Weeks before his party I would ask him what he wanted for his birthday and
his answer was always simple.

Finger lickin' good! 
Nonna sneaking him some more.....
Nonna and Poppa gave him a Cars laptop.

Oh my dear baby boy, you sure aren't a baby anymore!  I can't believe you're already 2!  
Happy Birthday Beckett!!! 


  1. Sweet and everything turned out just precious!

  2. So cute! Love the party decor.

  3. Sweetest boy ever!!! He kept telling his Nonna, just one more bite, just ONE more bite... over and over again, until her entire piece of cake was gone! :)SO glad we could make it up for the weekend! Love you all!!!!