Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Country Boy

Saturday night before the beatdown USC gave to Clemson, we headed out to Fort Motte to hang out with friends.  I did a mini photoshoot with Molly Catherine and Elizabeth Shay, so Beckett and Chad met up with Mr. Darby to ride on the tractor.  Beckett was in heaven!
I didn't necessarily intend on dressing him like Marty McFly.  I promise.
I just love a puffer vest, I can't help it.  
Marty McFly?  Back to the Future?
Look familiar?
Evidently it runs in the family.
This is my brother, early 80's 
That's a LOT of pink on a big John Deere tractor.
They were right at home though! 

Forget about getting him to look at the camera when there is a giant tractor within eyesight.  

There go the girls and their daddy. 

He did NOT want to see the tractor go!  
Do you see those big crocodile tears welling up in his eyes?
I NEVER in a million years thought I would be hauling my child to the country to see his
face light up when he saw farm equipment.
Whatever makes this boy happy!

He plays so well with these girls!  After we took photos and rode tractors, we headed back to the
lodge to watch the game and let the kids run around and play.

What FUN!! 

At half time Beckett was ready to take it to the house, so we got in our time machine, and 
drove 88 mph (only kidding--Back to the Future humor) 
home to watch the rest of game.

I'll have a few pics from the girls photoshoot to share soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. If he's not the cutest, tears and all! Love his puffer vest :).